Tuesday, April 21, 2009

June 1963 a large SEATO manouevre was held in Thailand,
Operation Dhanarajata.
Participating units included
US 2nd Airborne Battle Group,
503rd Infantry from Okinawa
British 28th Brigade from Malaya
(including the Australian B Co, 2 RAR Group).

11 Ind Fld Sqn took part in this operation and we were camped on the edge of the RAAF air base at Ubon North Thailand.
I remember being given the task of organising the shower units this task was given to me as it was noticed i had done my Plumbing and Heating apprenticeship in AAS Chepstow. I did have visions of pipe bending and threading etc. Well it turned out to be fairly simple. The supplies were bought from a plumbing supplier in Ubon, to which i placed the order with delivary ASAP. Two days later three lorries arrived with all materials reqd. plus about 12 workers. I could not believe it when they started to erect the tanks onto the stands built by our chippies, and started to put together all pipe work pre threaded etc. All done in just a few hours, i really needed a long drink after that.
Hank I don't know If you or any of the guys can help with any info .
I am a former U.S. Marine I was on that operation in 1963.
Our FAC group worked with some australian Canbara pilots practicing air missions.
Our outfit was 1st A.N.G.L.I.C.O.stationed in Hawaii.I have been trying to get any info I could ,but because we were a support group I can't get any info.
Thanks for any help at all
Ted Panchella
Bob Bruce
I was on the exercise Ted refers to:
RAAF Canberras; 14/6/63, mission 701; 14/6/63 mission 209;
15/6/63 mission 702; 15/6/63 mission 001;
17/6/63 mission 114; 17/6/63 mission 003;
19/6/63 mission 702.
What we need is some more tales and names if you were on this operation
you can add your names into the comments and i will add to this list
11 Indep Fd Sqn
Hank Lawrence 1 troop
Eddie Vincent
Mike Clemence
Ferny Toute
Ron Heaton
16 Fd Ambulance
Ian Nicolson

Please do add me to the list. If it's wrong it's not by much because I was at the Airfield and Camp Friendship near Korat Thailand in the late spring of 1963.

Gale W. Greenlee
Private First Class
Third Army (U.S.)
Headquarters Company
7th Transportation Battalion
Fort Campbell, Kentucky
Normally our outfit supported the 101st Airborne but I really don't remember in this specific case. Maybe we were attached to some other unit. We were only there a short time, maybe three months or less. One of the things I remember was the clearing out of an area in a jungle like spot for us to set up our tents, and I think they told us they used a new chemical called "Agent Orange". A long time ago and I can't remember every detail. I remember there were quite a few guys from Australia there. I also remember talking to a young Airforce Pilot one day just before he was leaving on a flight of a small fighter plane. I asked him where he was going and he said, "Vietnam, do you want to go with me? We will be right back." I remember laughing with him and I told him, "No, because you might not come back."
Anyway, great to hear from you.